$273.6M in additional budget cuts, now totaling $724M

Missouri’s Fiscal Year 2018 begins today. In addition to the over $450 million in cuts to this year’s budget, Gov. Greitens has cut or withheld $273 million more from the 2018 budget. Those cuts will impact education funding, services for seniors and people with disabilities, and other important programs. These massive cuts and withholds are a direct result of failed tax policies that place wealthy special interests above hard working Missourians. Special-interest tax cuts have blown a hole in the budget and it’s not going to improve until we push back and demand reforms.

See the details on the $251 million in expenditures cut here and the $22.6 million in withholds here.

Read the St. Louis Post Dispatch account here, including cuts to medical care for 8000 elderly and disabled citizens, $15M more cuts to K-12 transportation, and a 9% cut in funding for higher education institutions.