Aug 15, 2016 – Kendrick Vies for Dem Leadership

News Release

August 15, 2016

Kendrick Vies for Democratic Leadership Position

Today, Rep. Kip Kendrick (D-45), Columbia, announced his run for the position of Minority Whip in the Missouri House of Representatives. Traditionally, the party whip is responsible for counting votes for and against an important bill and, when necessary, encouraging ambivalent party members to join in supporting the bill. As Minority Whip, Rep. Kendrick intends to play a major role in the leadership of the Democratic Party in the House.

“My family and I have carefully considered the decision to run for leadership. I am pleased that the decision has been very well received by my colleagues and has strong support from caucus members. Now more than ever, House Democrats need leaders who are willing to do the work necessary to rebuild a dwindling minority party and improve the standing of Democrats in the House. We cannot afford complacency. In my first term, I have demonstrated my dedication to learning the issues, listening to my colleagues, and working with both parties to move the state forward,” Kendrick said. “It is now time to lead the state forward.”

“It is critical to have strong representation from mid-Missouri on the leadership team. The state’s two largest metropolitan areas on either side of the state have become Democratic Party islands. If we are to rebuild the Party, then it is necessary for mid-Missouri to have a seat at the leadership table.”

Kendrick believes his rural roots growing up in Monroe City, a small town in northeast Missouri, is also an important attribute to bring to Democratic leadership. He believes that Democrats must represent all Missourians––rural, as well as urban.

During his first term, Rep. Kendrick made expanding access to healthcare to rural Missouri via Telehealth a priority. Kendrick continues to work on higher education policy, specifically college affordability, an issue important to his district––home of the University of Missouri, Stephens College and Columbia College. He plans to re-file his Student Debt Relief Act during the during the 2017 legislation session, along with a Student Loan Bill of Rights and a proposed State Work Study program. Kendrick will be presenting his student loan refinancing bill at an (invitation only) Student Loan Symposium hosted by the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank in late August.

The election for House leadership will be held when the Democratic Caucus convenes shortly after the November election. Rep. Kendrick is currently completing his first term in office.