Higher Ed, Lower Debt

student-debt-graphicMissouri Work Study Program

As part of my Higher Ed, Lower Debt plan, I am developing a State Work Study program. The program will allow students to pursue career interests, develop skills and relationships with employers, earn money, and receive credit toward their degree while enrolled in college.

Students would be encouraged to work off campus, building the skills and relationships needed for a smooth transition to the workforce after graduation. The program would allow students to take a wage subsidy to employers in their relevant career field. The money earned by students could be used to pay off student debt or cover living expenses while in school.

Missouri employers would benefit from the wage subsidy provision as well as the competitive advantage they would enjoy from training and preparing students prior to potential full-time employment after graduation. Having the opportunity to retain the state’s best and brightest for Missouri’s workforce would benefit all of us.

The State Work Study Program will bridge the gap between college and career for young professionals. This is an economic development bill focused on keeping college affordable and accessible for all Missourians.