Dec. 15, 2017 e-newsletter

Kendrick Appointed as House Budget Minority Ranking Member

State budgets are a reflection of our collective values and I am honored to represent your values as the Minority Ranking Member on the Missouri House Budget Committee this term. Ultimately, building a budget is the most important function of state government. It is the budget that determines the infrastructure we build, the quality of the educational system we maintain, and the services we provide to our citizens. 

As a member of the Budget Committee, I take this responsibility seriously. As Minority Ranking Member, I will use my solid working relationship with the budget chair and majority party members to help craft a 2019 state budget that is frugal, but fair. I will do everything within my power to make sure that your tax dollars are allocated efficiently and effectively, matched with state revenue sources that are both predictable and adequate. The budget should not be a partisan issue. It’s about funding priorities that meet the needs of today’s citizens and that put Missouri in a position to succeed in the future. 

The budgeting process last session was challenging indeed, as we were forced to cut nearly $500 million. The Governor withheld an additional $250 million on Day One of the fiscal year. Given current circumstances, I suspect this year’s budgeting process will be no less challenging. Undoubtedly, more difficult decisions lie ahead. As you have questions, let me know.  I will keep you informed of major budgetary issues as they arise. As always, I welcome your input.