Issues In Depth

In the age of sound bites and news clips, it is important to understand the details and what is involved in the issues that most impact our daily lives.  It is even more important that those who make laws fully understand the nuances of the problem confronted, the options or opportunities for resolving the problem, and the impact of each approach.

Part of the pre-legislative efforts undertaken by Rep. Kip Kendrick was commissioning the research assistance of policy analyst Jeremy Wrinkle to help him fully understand several key issues on the legislative horizon.

Following are the background papers that have been invaluable in helping Rep. Kendrick prepare for his new role as a Missouri State Representative:

Missouri’s Tax Credit System by Jeremy Wrinkle, September 3, 2014

Medicaid Expansion and the Missouri Economy by Jeremy Wrinkle, March 21, 2014

The History of K-12 Funding in Missouri by Jeremy Wrinkle, April 14, 2014

Understanding the School Districts of Boone County, Missouri by Jeremy Wrinkle, May 21, 2014

Missouri and Medicaid Expansion: The Paths Forward by Jeremy Wrinkle, Jan 12, 2015