Kendrick Appointed to House Budget Committee

Today, House Minority Leader Jacob Hummel appointed Rep. Kip Kendrick to the House Budget Committee.  The appointment will begin immediately, as the Committee undertakes the important job of building the state’s budget. The Select Standing Committee on Budget has the responsibility of filing all appropriations bills, and reporting on all bills recommended to it by the Appropriations Committees for Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources; Elementary and Secondary Education; General Administration; Health, Mental Health, and Social Services; Higher Education; Public Safety and Corrections; and Revenue, Transportation, and Economic Development.

As a member of the House Budget Committee, Kendrick once again follows in the footsteps of his mentor and predecessor, Rep. Chris Kelly, who retired from the Missouri House after a lengthy legislative career.

In addition to today’s appointment, Kendrick also serves on the Appropriations for Elementary and Secondary Education, Conservation and Natural Resources, Health Insurance, and Pensions Committees.