Kendrick Leads House Dems in Filing Suite of Ethics Bills

Rep. Kip Kendrick and nine fellow House Democrats filed a total of ten ethics bills today, reflecting their continued effort to restore accountability and integrity to state government.

The comprehensive package of legislation would:

  • Require “dark money” organizations to report all expenditures made in support of or opposition to a candidate or ballot measure (House Bill 1816 sponsored by state Rep. Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia)
  • Prohibit government officials or employees from using data-purging applications while conducting public business (House Bill 1817 sponsored by state Rep. Gina Mitten, D-St. Louis)
  • Impose a hard ban on elected officials accepting public gifts (House Bill 1818 sponsored by state Rep. Deb Lavender, D-Kirkwood)
  • Grant the Missouri Ethics Commission the authority to initiate investigations by unanimous vote of the commission without first receiving a complaint. (House Bill 1819 sponsored by state Rep. Crystal Quade, D-Springfield)
  • Prohibit candidates from transferring campaign funds to their relatives. (House Bill 1820 sponsored by state Rep. Tracy McCreery, D-Olivette)
  • Require the full disclosure of money raised to finance gubernatorial inauguration festivities. (House Bill 1821 sponsored by state Rep. Tommie Pierson Jr., D-St. Louis)
  • Increase the waiting period for an elected official to become a lobbyist from the current six months after the scheduled end of their term to two years. (House Bill 1822 sponsored by state Rep. Joe Adams, D-University City)
  • Prohibit political action committees from using funds to invest in business ventures. (House Bill 1823 sponsored by state Rep. Mark Ellebracht, D-Liberty)
  • Require elected officials to disclose stocks held in any amount on their personal financial interest statements and making those statements searchable on the Missouri Ethics Commission website. (Sponsored by state Rep. Rory Rowland, D-Independence; bill number TBD)
  • Bar staff members of top legislative leaders from simultaneously serving as paid political consultants while on the state payroll. (Sponsored by state Rep. Daron McGee, D-Kansas City; bill number TBD)

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