Kendrick’s Importance in Advancement of Telemedicine in the US

As the Washington Post noted, telemedicine is increasingly being used with patients in prisons, nursing homes and remote areas and it is becoming more common in schools, making it less likely that a child will miss class for a visit to a distant doctor’s office or ER.

According to the American Telemedicine Association, at least 18 states authorize Medicaid reimbursement for telemedicine services provided in schools. Now, thanks to Rep. Kip Kendrick, Missouri can be added to that list.

“School telehealth will be a game-changer in terms of children’s health, keeping them in school and improving educational outcomes,” said Rep. Kendrick, who helped to pass the law in Missouri.

To learn more about telemedicine in the US and Rep. Kendrick’s role in broadening its use in Missouri, read the Washington Post article: Telemedicine gains popularity in schools, connects ailing students with doctors.