Minority Whip Kendrick Leads the Charge on Anti-Corruption Plan

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December 13, 2016

Democratic Whip Kip Kendrick and six House Democrats filed a 7-point anti-corruption plan in the Missouri House of Representatives. In response to the mandate under which Governor-elect Greitens takes office, Kendrick laid out an aggressive ethics reform agenda in late November to rid our state capitol of political corruption.

The seven anti-corruption bills, largely mirroring Greitens’ own campaign promises, include:

  • Banning all lobbyist gifts with no exceptions

HB 212 filed by Rep. Deb Lavender (D-90th District)

  • Closing the revolving door from legislator to lobbyist

HB 213 filed by Rep. Joe Adams (D-86th District)

  • Banning the use of campaign committee funds for services provided by candidate family members

HB 214 filed by Rep. Tracy McCreery (D-88th District)

  • Preventing persons no longer actively seeking elective office from maintaining a candidate committee

HB 215 filed by Rep.-elect Mark Ellebracht (D-17th District)

  • Extending prosecutorial authority to the Missouri Ethics Commission

HB 216 filed by Rep.-elect Crystal Quade (D-132nd District)

  • Prohibiting in-session campaign contributions to and solicitations by legislators and statewide office holders

HJR 6 filed by Rep.-elect Bruce Franks (D-78th District)

  • Imposing term limits for state office holders

HJR 7 filed by Rep. Kip Kendrick (D-45th District)

Kendrick also filed an omnibus anti-corruption bill (HB 217) that covers each area of concern.

“Eric Greitens was elected to office with a campaign focused on rooting out corruption in our Capitol. Missourians have every right to demand immediate action and I intend to make sure that Governor-elect Greitens can deliver on his promise.”

In a memo sent to Greitens in late November, Kendrick announced his 7-point anti-corruption plan and promised to deliver the support of the Democratic Caucus in providing more than half of the 82 votes needed to pass the comprehensive anti-corruption bills.

While Kendrick requested a meeting with the Greitens team to discuss the 7-point anti-corruption plan in November, the two have not yet met.

As Kendrick noted, ”I understand Governor-elect Greitens is very busy preparing for the transition to office, however I would expect to hear from him in the near future.”

Kendrick indicated that while the seven anti-corruption bills were inspired by Greitens’ campaign promises, he is open to adding to the list if the Governor-elect uncovers additional concerns as he becomes more familiar with state government.

“As the minority whip, I promise to deliver over half of the votes necessary to get the bills on Governor-elect Greitens’ desk by mid-January. It’s time for aggressive ethics reform and Democrats stand with the governor-elect and his pre-election platform to get this done. There is a clear mandate to drain the swamp.”

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