MU Engagement Council Formed

As part of their effort to help Missouri citizens better understand the hundreds of ways MU directly and positively impacts them on a daily basis, an MU Engagement Council has recently been formed.

The Council is a self-appointed group of faculty, staff and administrators who are passionate about spreading the knowledge of what it means to be an engaged, land grant university.

The time has never been more appropriate to make sure Missouri citizens—and their legislators—know what and how MU contributes to our state. While state appropriations for higher education has plummeted from 62% of revenue for the UM System in 2000 to 35% in 2016, support for higher education in Missouri has fallen to the lowest of any surrounding state (with the exception of Kansas) at $179 per capita. Kansas is not the role model Missouri must follow.

See University of Missouri President Mun Choi’s October 14th presentation to the MU Engagement Council and understand both the strengths and challenges facing our University.