October 2016 Pre-Election e-Newsletter

Kip Pic sm1st Term Accomplishments

  • Led the charge for House Intern policy reforms
  • Championed the expansion of school-based telehealth while helping to pass legislation updating the state’s telehealth statute and expanding access to healthcare in Missouri
  • As a freshman member of the Budget Committee, helped balance the state budget without raising taxes
  • Fought to protect teacher and state worker pensions as a member of the House Committee on Pensions
  • Defended the Departments of Natural Resources and Conservation from political and legislative attacks


Among My 2nd Term Goals:
“Higher Ed, Lower Debt”

1 million Missourians have taken on debt to gain the skills they need to succeed.
It’s time that we do more to provide relief from the burden of student loans.

Student Debt Relief Act

  • Allows borrowers to consolidate and refinance student loans at lower interest rates

  • Caps monthly payments to a manageable percent of income

State Work Study Program

  • Provides students the opportunity to pursue career interests through paid internships as they prepare to enter the 21st century workforce

Student Loan Bill of Rights

  • Protects Missouri borrowers from predatory lenders
  • Creates student load navigators to provide borrowers unbiased support and assistance