Amid Greitens Turmoil, MO House Approves Tax Cut

From the St. Louis Post Dispatch: Rep. Kip Kendrick, D-Columbia, the ranking Democratic member on the House’s budget committee, said the legislation had so many moving parts it was unlikely the state analysis was accurate. The House shouldn’t approve such sweeping legislation without knowing its full impact, he said. “The fiscal note’s wrong,” he said […]

Rep. Kendrick in the Media–On Greitens’ Fiasco

House Minority Whip Kip Kendrick said Greitens response “is very indicative of how he has responded to other allegations. (Greitens) blames the individual making the allegations, throws some mud saying its ridiculous. We’ll probably even hear more dog whistles over the next few weeks too about a continued witch hunt,’ and other key phrases he […]

Apr 12, 2018 – Weekly Capitol Update

REPORT INTENSIFIES PRESSURE FOR GREITENS TO RESIGN Calls for embattled Republican Gov. Eric Greitens to resign increased drastically on April 11 following the public release of a House investigative report containing testimony portraying Greitens as abusive and sexually coercive. While the report could serve as a basis for possible impeachment, the House committee that prepared […]

Congrats from MO House Dems

A post from MO House Dems congratulated Rep. Kendrick on the passage of his bill: Congratulations to Rep. Kip Kendrick on the passage of HB 1275, which would establish the Allan Purdy Work-Study Program. This program will ease the transition from school to work for students and provide them an opportunity to gain paid work […]

“Kansas on Steroids…”

In debate on the House floor over yet another bill to cut taxes in Missouri, Democratic Minority Whip Kip Kendrick asked lawmakers to take more time to review the real impact of the legislation. As reported by KRCG13 News, he warned against going too far and facing the same fate as Kansas, which was hit […]

Apr 5, 2018 – Weekly Capitol Update

HOUSE ENDORSES MAJOR TAX OVERHAUL, COST UNKNOWN The House of Representatives on April 4 granted first-round approval to a sweeping overhaul of Missouri tax laws that could severely reduce state revenue collections at a time when the state is already grappling with budget cuts due to previous tax cuts the Republican-controlled legislature granted in recent […]

Mar 29, 2018 – Weekly Capitol Update

HOUSE APPROVES $28.1 BILLION STATE OPERATING BUDGET The House of Representatives on March 29 passed its version of the $28.1 billion state operating budget for the 2019 fiscal year that avoids the additional steep cuts to higher education recommended by the governor but also avoids addressing Missouri’s growing road and bridge construction funding crisis while […]

MU’s David Russell Honored at the State Capitol

On his last day as Chief of Staff of UM President Mun Choi, David Russell was also honored for his 22 years of military service. Rep. Kip Kendrick presented Dr. Russell with a resolution citing his many accomplishments, including a Purple Heart and Bronze Star. While he was recognized alongside more than 100 of his […]