Robert Reich Meets Mid-Missouri

It was an honor to meet, hear, and discuss important issues with former US Secretary of Labor, political economist, and author Robert Reich yesterday, as he joined an event hosted by the Missouri Rural Crisis Center at the farm of Rhonda Perry and Roger Allison near Armstrong.

Secretary Reich came to Mid-Missouri to speak with small farmers about corporate control of agriculture and its effect on small farms across the country. The visit was part of his book tour and film documentary surrounding his new book, Saving Capitalism: For The Many, Not The Few.Reich @ Farm

Reich discussed the importance of a strong middle class in preserving democracy. As he said, capitalism  that works for the middle class needs good governance.  He stressed the importance of grassroots organizations, such as the Missouri Rural Crisis Center, working together to overturn Citizens United and restore limits on campaign contributions; address the stagnant wages and growing income inequality; and push back against the Wall St. banks who continue to grow more powerful.Reich 3





To learn more about Secretary Reich’s views on saving capitalism and his book, watch his video here.

Watch a video snippet of his comments at the Perry-Allison Farm here.