Standing Ovation

At the Muleskinners’ Luncheon Club Rep. Kip Kendrick wowed the audience with a combination of gut-wrenching honesty and understandable frustration as he laid out “Views from a Freshman Legislator”.  As a member of the super-minority in the House of Representatives this year, he quipped that the people in the room outnumbered his Party’s Caucus in the House. Of course, that would have only taken 44 people, currently 27% of the 163-member body. Twice begging for a few minutes more from emcee and Tribune columnist Bill Clark to make one more point, Kendrick’s dedication to serving Columbia was never in doubt. The audience rewarded his candor and his vision with a rousing, standing ovation, causing one attendee to comment, “If every Rep in the House shared his intelligence, honesty, and forthrightness, we’d be a very different state”.