The irresponsibility of ‘the largest tax cut in state history’

As Missouri fails to meet its obligations for infrastructure and so much more, both the House and Senate have competing income tax cut packages and infrastructure proposals. While the House is entertaining a package of individual and corporate tax cuts coupled with increases in motor vehicle fees, the Senate gave first-round approval to even deeper tax cuts along with a hike in gas taxes and closing some deductions. The latter was billed by its sponsor (Eigel-R) as “the largest tax cut in state history.”

In response, Rep. Kendrick’s words in this week’s Minority Caucus press conference showed his frustration with the recklessness of the action in both content and process:

“I don’t know how you perfect a 450-page bill that has so many moving parts that could have an impact of $500-plus million in lost revenue in a matter of 20 minutes and think that’s responsible,” Kendrick said.

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