Town Hall Focuses on Cuts to In-Home and Skilled Nursing Care

The room was packed last night at a Town Hall sponsored by Jobs for Justice.  The event brought attention to Gov. Greitens’ veto of HCB3. At risk are more than 8000 Missourians who are in jeopardy of losing in-home and skilled nursing services unless the Governor’s veto is overidden in the upcoming September 13th veto session. It is up to the House of Representatives to initiate and then secure the 109 votes needed for override. Given the 85 votes which led to the passage of HCB3 in the House in the last few minutes of the last day of the regular session, the likelihood of finding 24 additional majority party votes is slim.

Even so, HCB3 would only be a short-term fix that would postpone the drastic cuts to in-home and skilled nursing services for seniors and those with disabilities, but it would allow another year for Missourians to demand that their legislators stop the intentional gutting of the tax dollars required for essential state services.

All Missourians must understand, care, and act on this knowledge.

Media coverage of the August 16th Town Hall: