Update on Rep. Kendrick’s Current Bills

In addition to serving on the Budget Committee this term, there are four sponsored and cosponsored bills that are my priority. I’m pleased that all are moving forward.
HB 1275 – Allan Purdy State Work Study Program
This bill was voted out of committee with unanimous support and is scheduled to be voted out of the Rules Committee on Monday (Feb. 12). At that time, the bill will be referred to the House calendar for consideration by the full House. This bill is designed to both address the issue of student debt and be a workforce development tool by creating more opportunities for paid student internships in Missouri.
                *** Feb 12 Update: Voted out of Rules Committee on a 14-0 vote. Bill headed to the House Calendar***
HB 1673 – (Related to) Public Pension Plans
This bill is scheduled to be voted out of the Pensions Committee on Monday (Feb. 12) after last week’s public hearing. The bill will require that pension plans provide participants with yearly statements on the plan as well as participant specific information. The bill also changes what plans may be deemed delinquent based on funding ratios. The concept of the bill is to provide more transparency in public pension plans as well as ensure more oversight on adequate funding for such plans.
                  *** Feb 12 Update: Voted out of Committee on a 11-1 vote ***
HB 1273 Student Loan Refinancing Program
This bill was heard in the Higher Education Committee with strong support from the Council on Public Higher Education, Missouri Community Colleges Association, and the Associated Students of University of Missouri. This bill would create a state program to refinance student loan borrowers into lower interest rate loans, saving Missourian’s money and providing some relief from the burden of student debt.
HB 1617 – Modifies Telehealth Statute 
This bill is co-sponsored with Rep. Jay Barnes (R-Jefferson City). HB 1617 passed out of the House by a vote of 142-1. It is currently moving in the Senate. This bill modifies the Telehealth Statute in Missouri passed into law in 2016. It importantly includes the implementation of school-based telehealth in Missouri, which I have championed since taking office in 2015.