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Kendrick Comments on Next Steps Re: Greitens

“The House will begin an investigation soon as a potential precursor to impeachment proceedings. Should this investigative panel decide to pursue impeachment proceedings, it will not be because of partisan politics. It will be a decision made by House members of both parties to move the state forward. This scandal and the felony charge transcend […]


Feb 22, 2018 – Weekly Capitol Update

HOUSE ENDORSES LEGISLATION TO OUTLAW ‘REVENGE PORN’ The House of Representatives on Feb. 20 gave first-round approval to legislation that would specifically outlaw so-called “revenge porn,” the dissemination of nude pictures or other private sexual images without the consent of the person depicted. The bill requires a second vote to advance to the Senate. A […]


Kendrick Raises the Issue, Greitens Responds

On Feb. 6 Social Services Director Steve Corsi was testifying before the Budget Committee concerning his department’s budget request for the upcoming fiscal year.  When Rep. Kip Kendrick asked Corsi about his nearly $14,000 supplemental salary included in a second departmental budget, Corsi struggled to explain or justify the extra pay. Three days later, Gov. Greitens announced […]


Kendrick Town Hall: What a Relationship with Your Representative Should Look Like

Thank you to all who attended last night’s Town Hall Meeting! Cuts to education, student loans, incarceration rates, money for infrastructure, prevailing wage, marijuana legalization/decriminalization, impact of federal tax cuts on Missouri, legislative committees and their purpose, telemedicine, access to mental healthcare, gas tax, barriers to employment, senior services, Internet sales tax, cuts to home […]


Feb 15, 2008 – Weekly Capitol Update

HOUSE GOP AGAIN TRIES TO CUT UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS In yet another attempt to reduce the maximum weeks someone can collect unemployment benefits, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted 96-53 on Feb. 15 for legislation that would make Missouri among the three least generous states in the nation in terms of benefits for workers who lose […]


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Kendrick Post-Session Town Hall