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Quit Blowing Smoke

Under state law, smoking is prohibited in state buildings––unless, you’re a lawmaker in the Capitol. The General Assembly enacted the law prohibiting smoking in state buildings but exempted itself. This week, I offered two amendments banning smoking in the Capitol. Both amendments were struck down along party line votes. To me, this is an ethical […]


Jan 12, 2017––Weekly Capitol Update

ERIC GREITENS BECOMES MISSOURI’S 56TH GOVERNOR Republican Eric Greitens took the oath of office as Missouri’s 56th governor on Jan. 9, promising a “new direction” for the state. Greitens is just the second Republican elected governor in Missouri in the last 24 years. “For decades, Missourians have talked about change,” Greitens said. “Not it’s time […]


Jan 5, 2017––Weekly Capitol Update

GOP SET TO MOVE QUICKLY ON SO-CALLED ‘RIGHT-TO-WORK’ The 2017 legislative session got underway on Jan. 5 with majority Republicans poised to move quickly on a so-called “right-to-work” bill that would make business owners criminals subject to jail time for negotiating labor contracts that require workers to pay dues for the union representation they receive. […]


Dec 29, 2016––Weekly Capitol Update

GOP TO PUSH ANTI-WORKER, PRO-SPECIAL INTEREST BILLS The 99th General Assembly will convene at noon on Jan. 4 with the Republicans who firmly control both legislative chambers planning to pursue an agenda focused on limiting worker rights, making it more difficult to sue businesses for wrongdoing and granting additional tax breaks for special interests and […]


Excuse Me, Hank…I Beg to Differ

On Dec. 17, the Columbia Tribune editorial dismissed the suite of anti-corruption and ethics reform bills filed by Rep. Kip Kendrick and six Democratic House colleagues for the upcoming session, saying, “How kind of the Democrats to help Greitens in this way… Since they have no chance of getting their versions passed, Democrats are more […]


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